Saturday, December 02, 2006

Baby its cold outside!

The temps here have dropped drastically over the last two days. We went from a record high of 76 down to just 45 today. Nate being the super active 2 1/2 yr old he always wants to go outside. However with the cooler temps coming we are having to find ways to occupy him other than letting him go outside. Here are a few ideas for indoor play with your kiddos.

  1. Finger painting - make sure to do it in the kitchen for quick clean up.
  2. Play Dough - this has become Nate's new favorite thing (good thing I bought the new Play Dough Creativity Center)
  3. Bubbles - great for quick entertainment and it doesn't stain your furniture.
  4. Thomas the Train - we have 3 full sets and if you connect them together they offer hours of play time.
  5. Christmas Cookies - I bake the cookies and Nate helps to decorate them. Same with pretzel sticks.
  6. "Sand" Box - instead of using sand we use the cheap brand of rice crispys. You can hide things in the box and let the little ones hunt them.
  7. Hand made Christmas gifts - we are working on photo clocks and ornaments for Nate to give to family for Christmas.
  8. Movies - Cars, Popeye, Polar Express, Barney, Thomas are just a few of our current selections.
  9. Coloring - I bought some huge coloring books that are almost 3 feet high so it provides lots of coloring area for Nate.


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