Thursday, December 07, 2006

A day for joy! (TT)

I know that this is the Thursday Thirteen and I love playing with everyone. However my list of 13 pales in comparison to this miracle story.

Let me introduce you to Truman ( and I hope that his parents don't mind my sharing his story with you). I've never met Truman or his parents but his story has touched my heart none the less. I hope that you will take a moment to read the latest post on Trumans blog (link below) because it not only shed's light on my Thursday Thirteen but it also is a story of love and miracles that happen that we would normally never know about. This time of year the sad stories are always sadder and the happy stories fill our hearts with joy. So this is my Thursday Thirteen even though its unconventional.

My 13 is only 3 today:

1. Family
2. Love
3. Hope


Brony said...

May be only three, but they are still powerful.
Happy TT!

Tug said...

Brony said it best...

Happy TT!

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