Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Attack of the Cat!

So today when I picked Nate up from school there was a stray cat wondering around. The school director is terrified of cats and we had been looking for one so DH and I decided to bring it home. Well from the moment we got home you could tell that this was a house cat ... either full time or part time we are not sure.

The night was going great the cat ate dinner and then was lounging around. She's been hiding behind my washing machine, we figured because she was just kinda scared. Nate asked me if he could tell kitty night night and I told him yes but to be quick because it was bed time.

Its was a few minutes later when I hear "hhhhssssss" .... "whhhaaaaaaaaaaaa" and Nate comes running through the house with blood dripping from his nose! Yes that's right blood was dripping from his nose. I quickly picked him up and took him into the bathroom to check him out closer. Upon looking I see that he has a scratch on his forehead, his nose on the fold and four dots on the bridge of his nose.

So now I'm ill because the animals ALWAYS bite/scratch his face. I know this happens because he tries to "love" them too much. I ask him what happened ... "Nate were you holding kitty down?" .... "Yeah (sniff, sniff)". I knew it ... so I explain to him again that we can't hold the animals down that they don't like it very well and that they would hurt him.

It took several minutes to get the scratch on his forehead to stop bleeding. I doctored him with antibiotic ointment and band-aids. I'm going to watch them to make sure they don't show any signs of infection over the next day or so.

Needless to say the cat was put into the carrier with a blanket and placed outside for the night. We were hoping for a indoor cat but I think that she's going to be an outdoor cat after this.

If you have a cat and advice with mixing cats and toddlers please let me know.


Lena said...

Maybe just give Nate and the kitty some time to get used to each other. The cat was probably pretty on edge from being in a new place, anyways, so she might've been more apt to scratch than normal. I don't have a whole lot to offer because I was raised around cats my whole life and never had to really acclimate to one later on.

But if you think the cat's normally an inside cat, I wouldn't keep her outside...if you all can't keep her inside, take her to the animal shelter, because a lot of times inside cats can't fend for themselves outside.

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