Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mega Millions winner in Dalton

I live in Dalton and woke up to the news that one of the winners in Tuesdays Mega Million lottery draw was won here. I rush to check all of my tickets but to my dismay I didn't win the jackpot.

I then rapidly go about calling all of my family to make sure that one of them had the ticket but .... nope none of them either. The town is buzzing with the news that a winner is here. This is big news here in my fairly small town. Media crews were all over the Favorite Market store that sold the ticket, but so far the winners name is still unknown.

Dalton is a community built around the carpet manufacturing industry so most of the people here are hard workers that work hard for their money. I hope that the winner is someone that truely needs and deserves it and I hope that they manage it well.

When I find out more I'll let you guys know!


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