Friday, April 06, 2007

Allergy tips for Children

Well its spring and in the south that means its Pollen Season. If you have ever been to the south during the start of spring you'll be familiar with the ever present green hue on every car from Tennessee to Florida. So here are some tips to get us all through Pollen Season.

1. Benadryl - this is a staple in my house. Nate is always with a runny nose during pollen time and giving him Benadryl helps to cut off the drips! Our Dr has given us the OK for long term use so be sure to ask your Dr.

2. Paper Face mask - if your toddler is like Nate they are probably always wanting to be outside helping in the yard. If you purchase some of these mask, you can get them at Home Depot, have you child wear them when helping with outside task like mowing the lawn. This will help cut down on all the allergens that they would breath in.

3. Limit outdoor time in the mornings - Pollen is highest in the morning so limit the time spent outside during high pollen times.

4. Keep windows closed - Keeping you home windows closed will help keep pollen from getting in your home as much. Use air conditioner in your home as well as in the car.

5. No playing in leaves - If you still have to rake up any leaves don't let your child play in the leaf piles. I know this is great fun but its also horrible on the allergies.

6. Thorough spring cleaning - dust hides in great places like behind the TV, on top of the fridge, under the stove. So be sure to clean these places often to avoid having a dust pile up.

7. Buy hypo-allergenic pillows. You can also get hypo allergenic bed covers too!

8. OTC allergy medicines - In addition to loratadine, there are many other over-the-counter allergy medicines available that you can give your child. Many, including Benadryl, Triaminic Cold & Allergy, and Dimetapp Cold & Allergy, can make your child sleepy and likely shouldn't be used on a regular or daily basis. A non-sedating, once a day, allergy medication would be a better choice for your child's daily allergy symptoms.

*note Benadryl does not effect each child in the same way. Ask your Dr about daily use.


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