Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yummy kids trail mix

So its time to start getting ready for summer vacations. Here is a quick yummy snack to keep hand for your kids. This would be great for car trips or even airplane trips too!

3 cups Mini Goldfish
3 cups of Teddy Grahams (your favorite flavor)
2 cups of Mini M&M's
3 cups of pretzel sticks
3 cups of Cheerios
1 cup of yogurt covered raisins or plain raisins
3 cups dried banana chips

Now just mix it all together in a large bowl. Store in an air tight container. It's ready and easy to put into a snack size zip bag when your leaving on a trip.


kailani said...

That looks easy enough that even I could do it! It would be a great snack for GG to take to school! Yum!

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