Friday, May 23, 2008

Crohn's Disease and the College Student

I'm in my second year at college now. I have to admit that things have been difficult. I think that the stress of heavy work assignments, deadlines, and the never ending worry about GPA has taken a toll on my stomach.

I've missed several classes because I was just completely sick and unable to move. Some of the professors understand while others could really care less. My college has an ADA department that you can contact if you need accommodations for your disability. While I should probably take the school up on this service, I have yet to go. I have wanted to try and manage things myself however this summer semester has proven to be extremely difficult.

We are two weeks into the summer semester and I have already missed 4 classes. I have explained things to my professor, however she is still suggesting that I drop the class. All of my grades have been in the 90's with the exception of one 80. I'm not sure why I would drop the class if I am able to still keep my grades up even though I've missed class.

Another challenge has been finding a bathroom to use. If you're like me not you're not a public pottier. It doesn't matter how much my stomach hurts I simply can not visit a public bathroom. Luckily I live very close to campus so I can drive home on long breaks between class.

I'm in my second month of open label clinical trial for Orencia. So far for me I have not noticed much if any improvement. I do know that there is another lady that went into remission with the same medication. It's amazing how differently the same medication can effect different people. I'm hoping to get accepted into the nursing program so I am going to have to get things straightened out before August because I can't be sick and missing class while doing clinicals. Well I hope that this holiday weekend is gentle on your guts and that we can all enjoy the long weekend.


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