Thursday, June 12, 2008

When clinical trials fail

So I've been in a clinical trial for almost a year now for Crohn's Disease. I won't mention the name of the drug because it might work for someone else. Anyways I've been in the open label part of the trial for 3 months now. I go tomorrow for my 3rd infusion of known medication and I'm really dreading it. Things have not gotten better for me and at this point they should have started to improve after being on the medication for so long now.

I've really had a hard time finding any medication that will work for me, as least long term anyways. I've took all of the routine meds including Remicade and Humira. I had really hoped that this new medication would get things straightened out for me.

I've gotta get something going because if I get into the nursing program I can't afford to be sick this fall. So that means that if I'm looking at surgery I need to be getting it done to allow plenty of time for recovery. Being sick really stinks sometimes and it's even worse when the Dr's can't give you anything to make it better.


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