Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy life of Clinicals

Well I haven't posted an a while because I have been so busy with clinicals. We have been working at a local nursing home and I have to say that my mother and father will never go to a nursing home.

I've never been a fan of nursing homes because the quality of care is normally not what I would want for my loved one. I know that some families have no other option and nursing homes are a saving grace for them.

My patient this past week was a lady in her 60's. She's been at the facility for almost one year. She was able to walk and such when she arrived and now she is completely bed-bound and extremely rigid. She no longer talks and has to have total care for all of her daily functions.

Tomorrow morning I'll be at a new nursing home. We met our patients this past Friday and my new patient is in worse condition. She is not eating and her weight is down to 86 lbs. She is unconscious all the time and also required total care for all daily functions.

I must say that tomorrow at 3pm can not get her fast enough. Tuesday we have an orientation at the local hospital and then we get a long break for the Thanksgiving holiday.


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