Wednesday, September 13, 2006

edition #58 (#2)
Thirteen Shows I'm looking forward to this fall.

1.... Grey's Anatomy!
2.... Nip/Tuck!
3.... ER
4.... Law and Order: SVU
5.... Heros (new)
6.... Kidnapped (new)
7.... Bones
8.... House
9.... CSI
10.... Medium
11.... Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
12.... Six Degrees (new)
13.... The Biggest Loser

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Raggedy said...

Good list.
Mine is up too

sobeit said...

Great list! I love CSI, and I just got hooked on the Medium reruns! Happy TT!


WendyWings said...

I only watch a couple of these shows and we will not be seeing them start at the same time as the US programming unfortunetly.

Mama Duck said...

Ooooo, me too!! Ours is up - 13 things I'm doing once we recover from this sickness!!

Brony said...

I love Extreme Makeover- Home edition.
I'm looking forward to Gilmore Girls.
Happy TT. Mine is up.

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