Friday, September 01, 2006

Teething again .....

I though that Nate had all of his teeth but I was wrong. Turns out he is cutting two top back teeth right now. I guess that would explain the excessive whining and overall unpleasant mood that he has been in for a few week's.

They have both just broke through the gums so hopefully that will help to relieve some of his pain. I've been picking him up from school and his teacher will tell me that he chewed on his shirt collar all day and usually the collar is still soaking wet like he just poured water down his shirt.

He's been doing great with his speech. I was worried for awhile because he was really having a hard time with new things but now it seems to be over. He has started saying some humorous things and when he does it makes me glad to have a two year old.

Ahhh the minds of children!


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