Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 57 (#1)

Thirteen Things about Tonya

This weeks "theme" is what I like about ME!

1…. I like that I have a wonderful family.

2.... I like that I am going back to school for my RN degree.

3.... I like that I am left handed.

4.... I like my eyes.

5.... I like that I am creative.

6.... I like that I am learning my way around bloggyworld.

7.... I like that I have made wonderful friends online.

8.... I like how I am able to learn most things quickly.

9.... I like my ability to multi-task. Its handy with a 2yr old.

10.... I like that my friends think highly of me.

11.... I like I am a great cook.

12.... I like that I have lost 20lbs recently =)

13.... I like that I'm a great listener.

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Tug said...

As long as you can count to 13, you can't go wrong - welcome!

Cindy said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Thursday Thirteen!

You have a very nice blog here, and you sound like a great person. And you lost 20 pounds! That's a GREAT accomplishment!

Stop by my TT when you get a moment.

Shash said...

Multi-tasking does come in handy and we're (mom's) the only creatures that can do it successfully!!

Measi said...

Nah... no one needs to multi-task with a toddler. Ever.

(just kidding- toddler mommies are the queens of multi-tasking)

Great list!

Mama Duck said...

Awwww, what a sweet list! We didn't get to this today with the birthday and everything, but we should be back next week ;).

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