Monday, October 23, 2006

Fried Coke?!?!?

Yeah thats what I thought too so I went looking and found this interesting article on the National Ledger.

Yes I've Tried Fried Coke
By Jeff FreelandOct 21, 2006

Yes I have tried Fried Coke. The story that is making the rounds does not need to be put in Snopes, deep Fried Coke existed this year at the
State fair here in Texas. What is it - you ask?
Yes I've Tried Fried Coke
It's just as it sounds - it is Coke flavored batter,
deep fried, dusted with cinnamon sugar, covered in Coke syrup, and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.
It's real and it's spectacular. Okay - really it just tasted okay - the Coca-Cola taste gets a bit diluted in the whole mix but it is a sugar bomb.
It's enough to hurt your teeth and for some reason it being criticized as if it is some sort of poor
food choice. Hey - I'm at the state fair people. If I want to eat a corn dog and top it off with fried coke and go home looking for the Pepto that's my business.
I know they have food police in
New York trying to ban Trans fat and New Jersey is following suit. But this is Texas and the treat was southern and deep fried.
A little research reveals that vendor Abel Gonzales Jr. came up with the idea and last year, achieved notoriety in with the fried peanut butter,
banana, and jelly sandwich.
Can anyone say
He sold an estimated 25,000 of those treats, according to the fair's Web site.
Texas is the same state fair that brought about the corn dog - so don't mess with Texas - this could catch on. It has already moved to other states including Arizona according to Michael Amsterdam.
The state fair web site noted that Neil and Carl Fletcher conjured up a sweetened corn-battered wiener on-a-stick and sold it for 15 cents during the 1942 State Fair of Texas.
I'm sure they thought they were crazy as well.
--Jeff Freeland writes from Texas


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