Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No photos please!

Having fun at the playground!
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Julee said...

:) That's Cute!
You should have seen my kids scrambling to get in the picture today, I guess I have a bunch of hams over here :)

jennyr said...

i thought he's crying, is he? we went to the playground yesterday too! great place for kids & me,lol!

Tonya said...

LOL no he's not crying .. he's just hiding from me. He's not big on photos.

~DanaB~ said...

Cute, cute!


Write From Karen said...

Is he being shy? My kids went through a phase like that. Then they scrambled to have their picture taken. Now that they are teenagers, all I get are eye rolls. lol

But they pose. (Like they have a choice. *grin*)

Donna said...

But his public awaits!

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