Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jell-O Boats

These are great fun for toddlers to eat (and play with)!


2 large oranges, halved
4oz pk Jello, fruit flavor of choice
1 small can mandarin orange segments, optional
1 pk of fresh raspberries, optional


Squeeze the juice from the oranges without breaking the skin. Carefully scrape out the inside (a grapefruit knife would work great) and discard.

Make the jello according to the package instructions, reducing the amount of waster by a quarter if you choose to add in a fruit. Divide the fruit if you choose to use it between the orange halves. Fill the orange halves with the jello and refridgerate until they are completely set.

Take a wet knife (hot water works best) and cut each orange half in half again. This will give you four quarters after you slice both halves.

If you'd like to add more fun to it cut 8 triangles in waxed paper. Thread a party toothpick down the center of the waxed paper triangles then insert it in the jello. This will make the Jello boats which the kids will love.

**NOTE** Make sure to use caution when using toothpicks with children. Never leave you child unattended with a toothpick at any time.


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