Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What a day

Well I've been working all day on getting scrapbook pages done for a friend of mine. I've been finishing up on some orders that I have out. So I've been sitting here working in photoshop all day (well almost all day I did take a break for lunch).

It is so dreary outside here that is depressing. It rained like crazy yesterday and today the leftovers made the sky an ugly grey. Nothing says spring like southern rain storms and grey skys.

I've also been catching up on my blog reading and came across the latest contest at 5 minutes for Mom. They are giving away a Dyson vacuum. I've saw them in the store but I could never justify paying $500 for a vacuum so I entered the the contest. There are over 1200 entrys so my changes are not so great but hey ... stranger things have happened!


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