Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dude, where's my Dell?

As you all know I started back to college on the 15th of this month. I had ordered a laptop in July from Dell that would have allowed plenty of time for shipping so that I would have it for school. Well here it is just days till September and I still have not received my laptop.

Turns out that they are *apparently* having supply issues and painting issues. There have been numerous blog post complaining about the service and delays (over 300 post that I have read) yet no solution. As it sits now my laptop is supposed to ship on Aug. 28 but I'll believe it when I have the shipping confirmation number.

So that brings me to this. If I get my student disbursement before the laptop has shipped then I may just buy one somewhere else. What are you guys using, whats the pros and cons, etc. Anything that you want to share that might help me find a great laptop.

So for now I sit here wondering,

Dude, where's my Dell!


Wabi Sabi Me said...

I'm also back in school this week and I feel your pain!! And my suggestion is to leave the PC behind and get a Mac. I am in Apple Heaven with my MacBook. Join me :-)

Seriously though, Apple makes a great product and the geniuses at the Apple Store provide excellent customer service.

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