Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What happened to GOOD customer service?

Well if you have been reading you'll remember my post about the horrid delays with Dell. Well today was my ship date after waiting 4 weeks. Let me break it down to how my shipping delays went:

7/30 - ordered laptop given ship date of 8/16

8/16 - laptop not shipped, not notified about it either given new ship date of 8/28

8/27 - called CSR and was told that it would DEFINATELY ship today. There were no more holds on my laptop.

8/28 - checked order status and was given a NEW ship date of 9/5

8/28 - rechecked it on a hunch and had another new ship date 10/1 .. yes OCTOBER!

I promptly called Dell and cancelled the order. By reading their blog at direct2dell it seems as though I was not the only one to cancel today.

While I understand that there will be delays with supplies, what I don't understand is how a company continues to run ads for laptops that they can not fill. Can you imagine if I ordered in July and was given October as my ship date, how long will people ordering today have to wait .. January?

So now I will go this weekend to Best Buy and Apple to check out their products. I hope that Dell learns a valuable lesson from this, customer service should be priority!

If any of you are in the market for a laptop, I would stay away from Dell you may never see it.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm a reporter with USA TODAY, and I'm writing a story on these Dell delays. Would love to talk to you about your experience. I can be reached at mkessler@usatoday.com

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my name is Michelle Kessler. (That part got cut off!)

kailani said...

I just bought a Sony Viao a few days ago and they've been great with keeping me updated on the progress. You should think about getting a Sony!

you da mom! said...

my husband's dell laptop just gave him a second degree burn. can you believe that it took 2 weeks to even get a response from them? i hate dell.

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