Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Open mouth, Insert foot!

OK so I really made a fool out of myself at dinner last night. Nate has started going back to school (read daycare) since I was starting back also. At the school they had a note posted on the door asking for prayer for the teacher in the two year old room named Jessica, her fiance was killed last Friday in a motorcycle wreck. OK there are like 5 Jessica's that work there. I could not put a face to it but I was thinking that it was the Jessica with black hair.

Fast forward to last night at dinner. We decided to go out to eat. We had just sat down when a lady comes over that I recognized as a teacher from Nate's school but I could not place her name. I asked her which room was she teaching, to which she replied the twos.

Clue One!

So I asked her who she worked in there with and she said Crystal, who is the lead teacher. I said Oh did you hear, I guess the Jessica that took over while you were out on maternity leave (she has a one month old) lost her husband last week.

She calmly replied, yeah that was me! OMG I wanted to die right then and crawl under a rock. I felt horrible. I apologized so much explaining to her that I was thinking it was someone else that worked there named Jessica.

I asked her if she was coming back to the school after her leave and she said no, that with all that had happened she needed a better job so she was going back to her previous job.

So Jessica, I am TRUELY sorry. I felt like such an idiot last night but I hope that you do know that I had no clue that it was you. I hope things get easier for you, I know if has to be hard with a new baby.


kailani said...

I'm sure she knew you were sorry. It's an honest mistake.

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