Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Surgery, Christmas, Tantrums and Croup oh my!

Ah it's been crazy here. I'm not sure where in the rule book it says that your child must start running a fever of 104 AFTER 6pm when all doctors offices are closed, but it happens every time!

We took a nice family trip to Nashville the last weekend in June and had a great time. After being home for 2 days Nate developed a really high fever. I treated with Tylenol and Motrin around the clock for 3 days. When he wasn't getting better I decided to take him to the doctor. Well turns out that he's getting the croup. Who gets the croup in July?!?!

So he started steroids and let me tell ya .... it's been so much fun that I can't contain myself (insert sarcasm!).

I'm having surgery tomorrow to replace my port a cath. This will be my 3rd replacement in about 5 years. Hopefully this one will last me another two years.

This month is the beginning of Christmas designing time at my business Ballyhoo Creations. You always have to try and stay one step ahead of your competition but it never happens lol. That's OK though.

I've kept Nate at home for the last two weeks and while it's been fun I can tell that it's time for him to head back to school. For some reason after being home for a few days he becomes super bossy and ornery, nothing a few days at school can't fix.

So it's almost midnight and I have to be at the hospital early tomorrow. Depending on how I feel I'll try to upload some of the photos that we took in Nashville tomorrow.

Have a great one!!


kailani said...

Sorry to hear that Nate isn't feeling well. It's so hard when they're sick. Hope he's feeling better soon!

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