Friday, November 07, 2008

Foleys, NG's and Enema's

Sounds exciting huh ... lol.

Today was my third set of check-off's for nursing school. We had to pass proficiencies for the enema's, NG tubes, and foley's (with sterile technique). I was very nervous as we have only had hands on practice for ONE day.

We also had our first dress rehearsal wearing our uniforms. I must say that who ever thought it was a good idea to have students wear WHITE uniforms is silly. Just one betadine swab and those pants are trash!

Almost every one in our class passed check-off's .... I passed as well.

I've also gotten a new site designer for Ballyhoo Creations and will be debuting the new design this coming week. Be sure to check back as I'm going to offer a special discount to the blog readers! There will be a lot of new designs especially Christmas/Hanukkah designs!

Have a great evening!!


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