Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well it's been along time since my last blog ... April I think. Things have been crazy. I finished classes last week and now have a short summer break before starting back up. I didn't pass one of my classes which has thrown a HUGE wrench in my plans. If I continue on my current course I'll be behind by at least 6 months. I've been thinking about doing a Surgical Tech program over the LPN as I fell in love with the OR when I did a rotation there.

I'm going this week to pick up an application for that program and see what happens from there. I got a membership to the gym yesterday and have went both yesterday and today. I got on the elliptical machine yesterday and I must say it kicked my butt. My thighs are so sore you'd think I ran a marathon. Today I was smarter and stuck to the treadmill and ab machines. I'm determined to lose this extra weight and not be so self conscious in my scrubs. I'm so excited to watch Biggest Loser tonight too ... I'm really cheering for Mike to win. He's done so well and it just amazes me how much he's lost in such a short time.


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