Thursday, August 10, 2006


So I'm sitting her at the computer working on things for my site and I hear a small boom! Ok so I look outside and smell a burnt smell but don't see anything. I just wrote it off as some idiot burning trash and throwing a aerosol can in to burn. So 5-10 minutes pass when


The entire house shook. I immediately called 911 to give them a heads up because I had no idea what just blew up. I walk outside on my porch and see smoke coming from down the street (2 houses away to be exact) and I see the start of smoke. So I tell this to the 911 guy and then I hear the neighbors yelling "Call the fire department" "Get out here" "Where's the water?". Then I see a lot of smoke and see them running out into the street. I'm still on the phone with 911 and tell them that its on my street and then I call out to the neighbor to see if they are ok.

"Are you ok?"


"Do you need the fire department?"

"yeah, I think they are coming"

"I"m on the phone with 911 ... what's your address?"


So I tell the 911 guy and they tell me they will send fire right away. Wayne was in the bed asleep (he works 3rd) so I run in a wake him up telling him that we need to go help the neighbor because something in his house exploded.

We get ready and go down there and there is fire everywhere in the yard. On both sides of his driveway too. Luckily the house is ok with no fire. We can't figure out what would just explode in his yard. We can't really go look though because well there was fire. So the fire department arrive and they drag out the hoses and start dousing the fire with water.

Here in GA we have been without measurable rain for quite some time so the fire spread pretty fast. He finally gets the fire out (after it re-starting 3 times) and we start looking around in the yard.

Bikes, glass bottles, cigarette packs, gas grill, buckets, doors, and oh yeah 2 oxygen canisters. I swear I never knew he had all that in his yard because of the huge privacy fence. Well none of that had exploded but it all did burn with the exception of the grill. The fire guys are looking around trying to find a cause but no luck. So the neighbor starts moving things around and looks up at the tree and guess what he sees? This

**edited** Sorry guess I should tell you what it is your looking at ... that would be an oxygen tank. Turns out that all 3 tanks in the yard were totally full. The guy said they have been in his yard for 3 years. Yeah I have real bright neighbors.


Christy said...

Goodness! What is that?

BooMama said...


I hope there are no more oxygen tanks back there - that could be dangerous!

Glad everyone was safe and sound...

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