Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stop whining!

I don't know what has possessed my son but he has turned into a whiner. He is whining about everything! It's driving me crazy and I have no clue why he suddenly started doing it. Take today for example ...

We pick him up from school and go across the street to the store. They have a new slush machine so I get me and Nate a drink. Now we had an empty cup from where we ate at last night (it was clean) and Nate decides that he wants his slush in that cup. Ok so Wayne pours the slush into the cup from the restaurant. Nate proceeds to take two sips then .....

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I want that cup!

Yeah, he now wants the slush in the cup that I bought it in. WTF?!? Then he whines on the way home over a toy wrecker that's at home in his toy box.

I don't know what's causing all the whine but I have no cheese to go with it and I'm over hearing it. Ugh I hope it ends soon.


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