Monday, September 18, 2006

Season Changes

If you live in the South like we do then you're probably dealing with the start of season change. While I love the fall I don't love the side effects it brings with it. The last few days the morning temperatures have been chilly and its starting to take a toll on both Nate and me.

We both suffer from horrible sinus trouble and allergies. This time of year brings the lovely ragweed out and with the temperature changes it brings the lovely snot out lol.

Nate woke up yesterday with a awful wheezy cough and he was super cranky today. I'm going to Knoxville this coming weekend to meet my new niece Kensi and I've got to make sure that Nate's not sick before we go. I'm going to get him an appointment with the Dr. on Monday just to get checked out and make sure that there is nothing more to the cough.

Ahhhh the joy of fall!


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