Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I need to get done before we leave next week!

  1. Get my nails done.
  2. Buy our toiletries.
  3. Wash all dirty laundry.
  4. Buy a few more new outfits for both DH and I.
  5. Get all of Nates things together and get phone numbers to Dr's office.
  6. PACK!
  7. Get oil changed in car since we are having to drive to the airport.
  8. Finalize travel arrangements in NYC to get to the port.
  9. Finish my sisters birth announcement.
  10. Get current bills mailed out.
  11. Set up the TiVo to record all my tv shows so I don't miss anything.
  12. Get all of our travel info together to leave with the sitter and family (just incase).
  13. Sleep because I'm sure I'm not going to during our vacation!

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Mama Duck said...

Woohoo!! Sounds like fun to me! Thanks for stopping by.

Cat. said...

I love preparing to travel! It's crazy, but the anticipation is so much fun. Have as relaxing a week as possible! :-)

Ghost said...

You're going to be busy. Have a great time.

Have a Happy!

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